In the min-20th century, famous Swiss Architect Le Corbusier coined the French phrase "beton brut" meaning "raw concrete" to describe the aesthetics of external and internal walls finished in poured concrete. Beton brut became more commonly known as "brutalism", and ever since has been used to describe both the use of raw concrete and the architecture that it originated from.

In today's modern residential architecture and interior design, the use of unadorned natural materials such as wood,stone and concrete are being combined creatively with neutral colors to produce inspiring spaces. Starting with just organic base colors, designers are easily able to introduce either strong highlight colors for effect, or stay within a neutral color palette.

Concreate prefinished floor planks and wall panels now give designers and the building industry access to the defining material used by Le Corbusier and other great contemporary brutalist architects. Ultimately, this creates a retrofitted, extremely easy-to-use panel system that is lightweight, inexpensive and highly attractive.


Concreate Wall Panels:
These thin concrete panels posses the attractive mottled look and smooth feel that only real burnished concrete can provide. They are lightweight and durable and can be easily adhered to walls and other vertical interior surfaces.

Concreate Panels may be applied to gypsum board, plaster, concrete, unit masonry, engineered wood panels, and other acceptable substrates.

Concreate Ceiling Tiles:
For overhead use, panels can be installed in most standard ceiling suspension grids; (do not place insulation or other back loads on panels).

Concreate Veneer - Other Uses:
Panels can also be used on cabinets, counter tops, or furniture;contact Concreate for additional information.

Wall Panels

Our products have been independently tested for conformance with environmental requirements for VOC and formaldehyde emissions; asbestos, lead, and cadmium content.


Concreate provides a 10-year warranty for single-family, owner-occupied homes and condominiums; and a 5-year warranty on other projects. Visit www.Concreate.net for more detailed warranty information.


100% genuine cement texture

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4 mm. thickness

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Save installation time

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Ease of transportation

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